Повик за експерти за подготовка на пред-физибилити студија за „СМАРТ Охрид“

Центарот за истражување и информирање за животната средина Еко-свест од Скопје објавува повик за експерти за подготовка на пред-физибилити студија за „СМАРТ Охрид“.

The Center for environmental research and information “Eko-svest” is seeking experts or a group of experts for the preparation of the Smart Ohrid Pre-Feasibility Technical Assessment.

This call is open until May 8, 2017. Experts, or a group of experts are required to submit their offer, indicating the area of their intervention (from the ToR, see below), CVs (curriculum vitae) of all experts to be involved in the task, a time schedule for the deliverables and a price for the task to be undertaken.

The experts must specify the qualifications and experience of each specialist to be assigned to the study. For each specialist proposed, a curriculum vitae must be provided of no more than four pages setting out the relevant experience. Offers must be submitted in electronic format, to stojan@ekosvest.com.mk no later than EOB on May 8, 2017.

Questions about this call can be addressed by e-mail to stojan@ekosvest.com.mk no later than May 5 2017.

Terms of reference Smart Ohrid Pre-Feasibility Technical Assessment

The general aim of the “Smart Ohrid” concept is to demonstrate the practical possibilities and benefits from implementing sustainable public transport schemes and plans in the Ohrid region, in order to avoid environmental damage while at the same time stimulate and enhance touristic development in the region.

Additionally, a broader aim is to raise awareness about the various sustainable solutions for transport and tourism in natural protected areas as well as the benefits from those.

Within the framework of the Smart Ohrid concept, a pre-feasibility technical assessment (SOPFTA in the text that follows) is foreseen in order to evaluate and describe the physical location, size and content of proposed infrastructures within the concept.

An outline of the proposed content of the SOPFTA is attached to these Terms of Reference.

The SOPFTA will provide relevant decision makers with sufficient information to justify acceptance, modification or rejection of the Smart Ohrid concept.

It will inform the policies of relevant authorities so as to lead to a feasibility study and eventual adoption and implementation of the concept proposals.

More narrowly, it will form the basis of economic, environmental, legal/policy and tourism assessments that will take place in subsequent phases of the wider pre-feasibility study that the SOPFTA is part of.

The study will deliver an engineering design (with at least 3 alternatives for specified components), technical specifications and project timing/phasing for physical works.

These lists of issues are not exhaustive. The experts are required to use their professional judgement and experience to review all relevant factors and to bring these to the attention of the Contracting Authority.

On the basis of the proposed time schedule outlined in this Terms of Reference, the experts will prepare a work plan and include this in their offer. The work plan should set out the experts’ approach to the following activities:

- fact finding/data collection;

- identification of alternative solutions for the proposed project;

- analysis of alternative technical solutions;

- a briefing report summarizing the analysis of the alternative solutions;

- consultation meetings with decision makers/stakeholders to identify the preferred technical solution;

- preparation of engineering design documents;

- preparation of the draft and final SOPFTA.

The study conclusions must be presented in the SOPFTA in the format given in Appendix 1.

The draft SOPFTA is to be presented to the Project coordinator in Eko-svest for comments by June 1, 2017. Within 7 days, comment on the draft SOPFTA will be provided.

The experts will take account of these comments in preparing the final SOPFTA. The final report in English in electronic version (word format) is to be submitted by June 19, 2017.

The experts should respond to this time schedule in their offer.

Appendix I

Smart Ohrid Pre-Feasibility Technical Assessment, proposed components

Project Background

1. Study Goals and Objectives

2. Literature review: Smart Integrated Systems Across the World

- Smart and Sustainable Cycling, Water Transport, Park and Ride (P + R) facilities in Different Contexts: Experience Transfer

3. Smart Ohrid Concept Technical Feasibility Assessment Report (Three alternatives for the Cycle Path, Lake Transport, P+R facilities foreseen)

- Geotechnical Evaluation

- Regional Geomorphology, Geology and Tectonics

- Soil Properties

- Hydrology

- Technical Conditions and Requirements

- Configuration, Alignment and Controls

- Cross Sectional Requirements

4. Comparison of Alternative Scenarios

- Operational Requirements

- Architectural Renderings

- Environmental Constraints

- Potential Impacts that Could Occur and Typical Mitigation Measures

- Assumed Construction Schedule and Sequencing

5. Conclusions and Recommendations

Maximum length excluding appendices: 20000 words.


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